I remember as a kid I always wanted those classic pointe shoes you see on all professional ballerinas….all pink and satiny.


Okay, I realize they aren’t very practical at this point! 

I’ve been going barefoot the last two classes but have come to the conclusion that I just will not be able to progress much further without something on my feet.  I just kept sticking to the floor and it was really quite frustrating.  One of our instructors said that we need to build up callouses on our feet.  Um…..yeah.  I know she meant well, but quite honestly for me as I get older, mega-moisturizing is a daily MUST.  Without it, I’d crackle like an old autumn leaf.  I’ll forgo the callouses, thank you.

There was a sign posted in the classroom for a  local dance accessory shop, so I decided to make a trip there this week.  One of my classmates bought some canvas ballet slippers at the store so I thought I’d check them out.  I visited this store and let me tell you…..I am not sure if the salesgal knows what customer service is.  She was rather abrupt and did nothing to make me feel that I should buy anything from the store.  So if anyone knows of a really good dance shop in the Greater Toronto Area (preferably Peel Region), please share it with me. 

So I came out of the store with nothing in hand, and figured what I’ll do is just roll down my socks so that they only cover my toes and balls of my feet.  I gave it a try last week towards the end of class – a suggestion made by my instructor – and it seemed to work well.  It was better than bare feet let’s just say.

We devoted a little more time this class to warm-up before diving into the five ballet positions and other basic leg routines.  I have to say that my recoup time was not as much after the second class.  I already feel a bit more flexible too.  Now if I can figure out what to do with my footwear I’ll be set.  Let’s see if my rolled down socks will hold up for an entire class next week!

Lessons learned this week: If you can’t look like a pro, you might as well stick to having fun!