“I’ve developed a physical fitness routine that I enjoy but still feel like I’m missing a piece of the puzzle. I often feel tensed and stressed and wondered how yoga and deep relaxation therapy can help me? Moreover, how can I fit it into my already hectic schedule and what are some tips to get started?”




Great question. A physical fitness program is a whole lifestyle which addresses cardiovascular health, resistance training, flexibility and mental health. All of these factors must be addressed properly for the program to reap rewards in a timely manner.

The physical fitness program should be tailored to you and would require a live interview with a fitness professional in order to assess your current fitness level and your goals and make sure they are in keeping with the practicality of your lifestyle. In other words, if you only have 15 minutes a day to give to fitness, then your program must reflect that and not expect more.

In our hectic lifestyles of today, it is good to start with a daily 5 minute yoga program. After 6 weeks of that daily program, you can then add to it by adding on a 5 minute meditation to increase the relaxation effect. Meditation means “measuring the mind” and not some specific sitting position or hand position. Sitting in a chair, relaxed and maintaining a sense of calm with meditation techniques brings on great benefits for physical and mental health.

Meditation techniques include watching the breath for a couple of minutes, or writing therapy administered by a yoga therapy expert. Daily writing of thoughts and then shredding the papers is a great way to release frustrated anger that inhibits us from shining in our lives.

The 5 minute yoga program can be just one sun salutation carried out with proper breathing and focus. This can be followed by a 5 minute session of writing and breathing to increase the relaxation effect in your hectic life. Starting with this base, you can then build on it as time permits.

Dr. Hema Murty


Listed in Who’s Who in the World, a yoga instructor and expert in East Indian Philosophy, Hema has spent the past 20 years evolving as a lifestyle coach and personal trainer with a keen interest in training the complete being, rather than just the physical body. She is a Can-Fit-Pro certified personal trainer and teaches yoga classes at workplaces in Ottawa. Hema is an accomplished athlete who has run the Toronto Marathon as she balanced a busy life in the corporate engineering world. Hema currently practices yoga therapy to increase the body, mind, spirit fitness of her clients. She holds an MA in Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy.