Canada’s Hot Mommas 2011

These are just some of the themes represented in the newest cases written by Canadian women for the Hot Mommas Project this year.  In honour of International Women’s Day, here’s a sneak peak at some of our nation’s “everyday revolutionaries”.
Teresa Ierullo & Just the Facts!  500 million Facebook users can be wrong  “Why aren’t you on Facebook? You’ve got to get on Facebook!” These were the words of a good friend that echoed in my head days after meeting for breakfast. At the time, I had no good answer to give her, but it got me thinking: If 500 million people are registered on Facebook, why wasn’t I?  Read more…
Paula Whittaker- Pyne & Principal of Uplift! Consulting – Coming Home  A couple of years ago, when I surfaced from a period of transition and really tried hard to get to my core, I just needed to speak to my wise Mom. I asked her what I was like when I was a child. She responded quite quickly, “You laughed a lot. You didn’t play with regular toys. You made your own games up – very creative, a dreamer. You marched to the beat of your own drum.”  Read more…
Marielle Smith & LifePath Designs – Who am I? And how did I get here?  Sitting in her client’s office with a baby on her breast was the moment that she realized it – oh my god – I  am a mother!  And a wife….and sister….and daughter…. and business owner… and…  The list went on and overwhelm came in like a slow morning fog.  Marielle had always been someone who took action. All her friends knew her as the one to commit to an idea until it was birthed.  But in this moment, she was reeling from the hormones of breastfeeding a new baby, the many projects on the go and the commitment to her clients.  How do we get to that point in life when we ask ourselves, “How did I get here?”  Read more…
Zahide Yilbas – Lighting Your Own Way in the Journey of Life.  I resigned from my job as a university professor at the Information Technology Department and came to Canada with my two daughters in September of 2005 for them to have a better future, and live in a country where women are respected. My elder daughter was just accepted into the Biomedical Science program at the University of Ottawa, and the younger one was starting grade six at the time. As a mother, I wanted the best for my daughters and for them to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor and a dentist someday; even if it was going to cost me my career.  Read more…
Stay tuned for the winners of this year’s Hot Mommas Case Study Competition, including the Top Canadian Case Award!

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