10 Things That Lit My Fire In 2009

As 2009 comes to a close, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the things I’ve done and the people I’ve connected with that have given me that “warm ‘n fuzzy” feeling over the course of the year.  These are more than accomplishments – they are the things and people that I’ve deliberately engaged in andContinue reading “10 Things That Lit My Fire In 2009”

Interview Series: Lori Mitchell, Tomboy Tools Canada

What do you get when you take a vibrant, part-time stand-up comedian from Manitoba with an appreciation for women’s inner “do-it-yourselfer” and mix in a big dose of entrepreneurial spirit? Meet Lori Mitchell, President and CEO of Tomboy Tools Canada. A finalist for Manitoba Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2007 and 2008 and a recognized speakerContinue reading “Interview Series: Lori Mitchell, Tomboy Tools Canada”

Interview Series: Natalie MacNeil, She Takes On The World

According to a report by CIBC entitled, “Women Entrepreneurs: Leading the Change”,  it is predicted that by 2010 one million Canadian women will own a small business.  Reports aside, one could easily scan their own networks and recognize that entrepreneurial women are, indeed, a strong presence.  As an entrepreneurial women myself, I am constantly on the lookoutContinue reading “Interview Series: Natalie MacNeil, She Takes On The World”

The View: Confessions of a Working Mom

by Nancy Rigato I think it was back in my University days, specifically in Developmental Psychology class. I remember hearing about young women who bear children, also having the maturity level and stamina to play and run after their rambunctious kids, whilst women who bore children later in life had the patience and the intellectualContinue reading “The View: Confessions of a Working Mom”

If My Fridge Could Talk

Last week I missed my dance class….and  I was ticked.  That evening was sheer chaos — running around trying to find my kids’ clothes for School Picture Day the next day and no one was helping me out.  Everyone just seemed especially “naughty”, arguing and bothering each other to no end.  I was upset I missed theContinue reading “If My Fridge Could Talk”

Week #2: Twinkle Toes Has Landed

I remember as a kid I always wanted those classic pointe shoes you see on all professional ballerinas….all pink and satiny. Okay, I realize they aren’t very practical at this point!  I’ve been going barefoot the last two classes but have come to the conclusion that I just will not be able to progress muchContinue reading “Week #2: Twinkle Toes Has Landed”

Interview Series – Patricia Eales, Social Media Marketing Specialist

My first taste of social media was about 4 years ago.  An organization I sit on the executive committee for used Facebook to promote their events and I remember asking, “What is Facebook?”  I laugh at that question now as I don’t think there are too many people left that haven’t heard of this bigContinue reading “Interview Series – Patricia Eales, Social Media Marketing Specialist”

Global Women's Leadership Forum: personal summary

The Global Women’s Leadership Forum was held last Thursday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and I had the pleasure of attending this inaugural event.  Organized by Community Microskills Development Centre, the event was dedicated to empowering all women to pursue leadership roles.  It offered a great panel of Canadian women leaders from diverse industries.Continue reading “Global Women's Leadership Forum: personal summary”